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Warrants in Tacoma WA are used in different ways by the criminal justice system. An arrest warrant is a court order that tells police to arrest and hold someone accused of committing a crime. The police need a search warrant before looking into a certain area for evidence of wrongdoing.

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Pierce County Warrant Search

Tacoma Warrant Search Tools.

Tacoma Police Department (TPD Warrant Search)
3701 S Pine St, Tacoma, WA 98409
Phone: (253) 287-4455

Pierce County Sheriff Department
271 John Bananola Way E, Puyallup, WA 98374
Phone: (253) 798-3278

Crime Stoppers of Tacoma/Pierce County
Most Wanted Fugitives

Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Ordinances, Traffic)
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 841 Tacoma, WA 98402
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Superior Court (Felony, Juvenile)
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 334 Tacoma, WA 98402
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

District Court Criminal (Misdemeanor)
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 239 Tacoma, WA 98402
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Ordinances, Traffic)
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 841 Tacoma, WA 98402
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Online Search For Warrants In Tacoma

If you think you might have an arrest warrant out for you, you should talk to a lawyer. They will be able to tell you if there is a warrant out for your arrest and tell you what to do next.
If you want to find out about a warrant yourself, the county sheriff, the local police, or the county court clerk in the area where you think the warrant was issued are all good places to work with.
You can also look for information using national databases provided by private businesses for your Tacoma warrant search.

The Public Can Access Court Records

One way to find a warrant is to look in the databases of Tacoma courts. You can search these databases by case number, name, or type of record.

Tacoma Sheriff's Office Wanted Persons List

When people want to find warrant information, they can ask the Tacoma sheriff or the police.
Just give them a call or look them up online. They will have workers who handle warrants and requests for public records.

Tacoma Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a formal notice from the court to show up. A Tacoma bench warrant is often issued when a defendant misses a court date or breaks the terms of their release, like by refusing to take a drug test.

Tacoma Arrest Warrants

In contrast to other warrants, like search warrants, which allow police to enter and search private property, Tacoma arrest warrants allow police to arrest a person.
Most of the time, a judge issues an arrest warrant after police show proof that a crime has been committed, and there are good reasons to believe that the suspect did it.

Arrest Warrant For Fugitive

A fugitive warrant is issued by the police when they are looking for someone who ran away to another city or state.
A “fugitive warrant” will be issued for someone who is no longer under the jurisdiction of the law enforcement or court system where the crime took place.

Request For A Search Warrant

When a judge signs off on a search warrant, Tacoma police can look in a certain area for evidence of a crime.
The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution says that people are protected from arbitrary searches, and warrants are a way to protect the public against unreasonable situations.
A search warrant may not be needed if the owner agrees to the search.

Free Tacoma Warrant Searches

Most people assume you can only find warrant information at the Tacoma police station or sheriff’s office. But you can search for warrants for free at several places.
The website of the county clerk in the area where the suspect lives or where the warrant was made is a good place to start your search.
The websites of the state police or court system are also free places to look for outstanding warrants. Many states offer this service, but not all of them do.

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