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A Spokane inmate record is an official document containing information about an individual in prison or jail. The inmate’s name, birth date, and any other pertinent information are included on this record. Prison and jail staff use this to keep track of inmates and provide information to the public about them. The public can also access this information if they’re looking for someone they know who got incarcerated.

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Spokane County Inmate Search

Spokane Resources.

Spokane Police Department (SPD Inmate Search)
1100 W Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA 99260
Phone: (509) 625-4100

Spokane Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Ordinances, Traffic)
1100 W Mallon Ave, 1st Fl Spokane, WA 99260
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Superior Court (Felony, Juvenile)
1116 W Broadway, #300 Spokane, WA 99260
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
1100 W Mallon Spokane, WA 99260
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Municipal Court (Misdemeanor, Ordinances, Traffic)
1100 W Mallon Ave, 1st Fl Spokane, WA 99260
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

Spokane County WA Jail
1100 West Mallon, Spokane, WA 99260

Geiger Corrections Center
1100 W Mallon, Spokane, WA 99219

Spokane Community Justice Center
715 E Sprague, Suite 107, Spokane, WA 99202

Eleanor Chase House Work Release
427 W 7th Ave, Spokane, WA 99204

Brownstone Work Release
223 S Browne St, Spokane, WA 99201

Juvenile Detention Facility
1208 West Mallon, Spokane, WA 99201

Spokane Inmate Search Online

There are several ways to do a Spokane inmate search online and find inmate records. One option is to search the Department of Corrections website of the state where the inmate is being held or any other websites that specialize in keeping inmate records. These websites often have a search function you can use to search by the inmate’s name, ID number, and other identifying information. You can also use private search services. However, they may charge a fee.

Washington Prison VS Spokane Jail

Many people know prisons and jails are used to house inmates. However, some don’t understand the difference between the two. Local governments typically run jails, while federal or state governments manage prisons. Jails are used to house people awaiting trial or arrested for less serious crimes, while prisons are used to keep people convicted of a heavy crimes. Prison sentences tend to last longer than jail sentences and are often more severe. While inmates in prison may be required to work, those in jail are not. Also, prisons have higher security features than jails, such as barbed wire and high walls.

Washington State Prison Inmate Search

If you are looking for someone in prison, a few options are available to help locate them. You can contact the prison where the individual is held and inquire about them. The prison should be able to provide you with the inmate’s name, ID number, and housing location. You can also use the information you have to search for the inmate on its website or via a public records site. Once you have located the inmate, it is possible to write or visit them during designated hours. Be aware that each prison has its own rules, so you should do your research beforehand.

Spokane Jail Inmate Search

If you need to find an inmate in Spokane jail, the best place to start is the county sheriff’s office. You can usually find contact information for the sheriff’s office on the county website. Once you have their contact information, you can call or visit the office and inquire about an inmate. You can also search for an inmate by their name or prisoner ID number on their website. If you have any other questions, the sheriff’s office should be able to help you out.

Spokane Mugshots

Spokane mugshots allow you to get information about individuals currently in jail. This information can be used to identify those who might have been involved in criminal activity. This information is also available to law enforcement agencies, which can be used to investigate crimes or track down fugitives.

Spokane Jail Log

Spokane jail logs are public records of inmates maintained by the county sheriff’s department. Since these are public records, the general public can easily request copies of these records. You can call the county sheriff’s department or visit them in person if you want to get a copy.

Spokane Jail Roster

The Spokane jail roster lists all inmates in jail. Law enforcement agencies often use it to track inmates under their care. This information can also be used to investigate and monitor safety and security at the facility.

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