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The criminal justice system employs warrants in Cowlitz County WA for a variety of purposes. The police must get a search warrant before they can search a specific area for criminal evidence. An arrest warrant is a directive that allows law enforcement to detain a suspect who has been charged with a crime.

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Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO Warrant Search)
312 1st Ave S #124, Kelso, WA 98626
Phone: (360) 577-3092
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Superior Court (Felony)
312 SW 1st Ave, Rm 233 Kelso, WA 98626
Website 2
Search In Person – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
312 SW 1st Ave, Rm 207 Kelso, WA 98626
Search In Person – Yes

Longview Police Department
1351 Hudson St, Longview, WA 98632
Phone: (360) 442-5800

Kelso Police Department
201 S Pacific Ave, Kelso, WA 98626
Phone: (360) 423-1270

Online Search For Warrants In Cowlitz County

If you think you may be the subject of an active arrest warrant, it is important to speak with a lawyer. They’ll be able to inform you whether you have an active arrest warrant and give you direction on what to do next.
The county sheriff, the local police department, or the county court clerk in the region where you think the warrant was issued are all good places to start if you want to do a Cowlitz County warrant search.
You can also use national databases maintained by private organizations to search for information.

The Public Can Access Court Records

One can find a warrant by searching Cowlitz County court databases. You can search these databases using case numbers, names, or record type.

Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office Wanted Persons List

When the public is looking for warrant records, the Cowlitz County sheriff or the police department can help.
Call or look them up online; they’ll have specialized employees handling warrants and requests for public records.

Cowlitz County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a formal summons to appear in court. A Cowlitz County bench warrant is frequently issued when a defendant misses a court date or violates the terms of their release, such as by refusing to take a drug test.

Cowlitz County Arrest Warrants

Contrary to other warrants in Cowlitz County WA, such as search warrants, which let the police enter and search private property, arrest warrants provide the police the authority to detain a person.
A judge frequently issues arrest warrants after law enforcement has presented proof that a crime has been committed and that there is cause to suspect the suspect did it.

Arrest Warrant For Fugitive

A fugitive warrant will be issued if the police are looking for someone who fled to another location.
A fugitive warrant will be issued for someone not now subject to the jurisdiction of the court that issued it. This can happen if the criminal leaves the area where the crime was committed.

Request For A Search Warrant

When a court signs off on a search warrant, Cowlitz County law officers can search a specific area for signs of a crime.
Individuals are protected from arbitrary searches and mandates utilizing search warrants under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
When the owner has given their consent to the search or under certain situations, a search warrant may not necessarily be required.

Free Cowlitz County Warrant Searches

Most people think the Cowlitz County police or sheriff’s office is the only place to find out if someone has an outstanding warrant. However, there are several places to look up outstanding warrants, many of which are free.
A smart place to start your search is the county clerk’s website in the region where the suspect resides or where the warrant was obtained. Online access to court documents from many counties is available, including information on outstanding warrants.
A further free resource for finding outstanding warrants is the state police or court system websites. Many states offer this service, but not all, and it can be a great way to find out if someone has an active warrant.

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